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Since 1995, Fusion Design Group has been providing a broad range of creative design solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. Those clients know that our experience, imagination, flexibility, and attention to detail are invaluable to their projects, and sanity. We listen. We care. Our team works as an extension of your own, bringing a unique perspective to the challenge at hand and a commitment to collaboration that results in win-win experiences. We create effective, innovative, and memorable communication pieces via a creative process evolved over two decades. And we’re fun. What more could you ask for?

The Team

Brent Long Brent Long
Sarah Prouse Sarah Prouse
Sarah Falzon Sarah Falzon
Jaimie Hallarn Jaimie Hallarn
Ellen Foster Ellen Foster
Allyssa Millard Allyssa Millard
Umar Shahzad Umar Shahzad
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